A Very Special Request….

Many of you only know our sweet Nick through my blog postings, but you have still become such a special, special part of our life journey.

We are in the process of designing Nick’s tombstone and have a very special request.

We are asking for words or phrases descriptive of Nick from all of you who knew him or met him through my writings.   Nick lived a powerful life in 13 years.  I want anyone who strolls through the cemetery to know Nick by all of his wonderful attributes.  He truly left a legacy.

I have sent this request through email and Facebook, but I also wanted to send it through my blog because you mean so much to me too.

If you want to know more about Nick’s life, please take a few minutes to read about his life story by clicking here. This will take you to his website.

Thank you for your time.

In Him,

10 thoughts on “A Very Special Request….

  1. I never met Nick, but I have been following your Blog for quite a while. I feel as though I can sense the essence of Nick through your writing.

    Nick had a heart of gold, unstoppable faith, and a beautiful soul. He graced this earth for 13 short years but has left his mark in our hearts for eternity. God bless you and your family, Tammy.

  2. The first comment would say what I would say. Also I think of pennies and thumb-up. We don’t have pennies here in Australia but if we did I would think of Nick and his wonderful spirit everytime I saw one. I still have the ones I found in England in my coin purse. I just can’t bear to part with them. Because I found them so unexpectedly and they remind me of Nick and also of God’s provision.

    I need that provision all the time and God’s grace especially today on the 3rd anniversary of my husband’s death.

    Love you

  3. Tammy – God bless you as you work on this project….

    Some words that come quickly to my mind –

    an inspiration
    loved and loving
    infectious smile

    Hugs, friend:)

  4. Thank you to all of you. And Jen, praying for you in a special way tonight as I know how these anniversaries of our losses bring back so many good and sad memories all at once.

    Love you all so much,

  5. So… I’m late in getting my thoughts to you and wasn’t sure where to post them.

    Nick is:
    a warrior
    strong & courageous
    one of a kind
    and when I think of him… I always here the line from the song… “Pennies from heaven.. for you & me”. Nick is a Penny from heaven… special and one of a kind.

    I love you sweet Tammy…. always and forever.

  6. Nick….humble, courageous, competitive, caring, life-altering, God’s child, forever with us!

    Love you always,

  7. Tammy, you have never heard from me but you inspire me daily. The first thought that came to me today while thinking of Nick and the impact he had and continues to have on your family and all of us who came to know him through your writings is this….”the power of ONE.” One strong and faithful boy and one strong and faithful God. Thank you for sharing your life with me.