I wonder…..

3 kings

I wonder if the wise men ever got distracted in their long, long journey.  Distracted by people they met, camel “break downs,” hunger, fatigue.

I wonder if they ever talked about turning around as they trudged along day after day night after night…sandy,  hot, thirsty…

I wonder if the Star ever faded behind clouds and caused them to lose hope.

I am far from a “wise man.”  However, I am a woman who is trying my best to stay focused on the One to whom all my gifts and passions belong.

But, shew!

I feel distracted.

A long list of “things to do” combined with the little things that just “pop up” and require my attention are keeping from Him.

Forgive me, Lord, when this world clouds my view of Your Glory with its day-to-day demands.

Help me to keep looking up…….trusting that in the end my journey will bring me to my knees in front of You.

Determined to Seek Him in spite of myself,

2 thoughts on “I wonder…..

  1. Sweet Tammy,

    I SO felt the warmth of your hug flow through bloggy-land today as I read your comment. So many times I wonder at the loss you have walked through of not one… but two beautiful children. How very deep the Grace of God flows through you… yes, even on the hard days. Sweet Tammy, the testimony of His never-ending love and grace flows through every word and every posting, through every little scripture reminder you send our way. I am SO blessed by your life and the depth of love that you have for others. I am SO blessed by the smile on your face and the smile on Olivia’s face. You amaze me but I know it’s the love of Jesus flowing through you that amazes me more. I hear the Father say, “Well done, good and faithful servant. Well done Tammy for you have walked valiantly through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. Well done Tammy for you have trusted ME in spite of it all. Well done daughter for you have not forsaken me even as I have not forsaken you.”

    With MUCH love and hugs right back at you dear,