Out of Focus………

I took a lot of pictures this weekend between the Funtoberfest 5K and Olivia’s first homecoming.

I found myself behind a lens most of the day.

Looking back through all of my pictures, I found some to be clear and beautiful while others were blurry and not-so-great.

I had to take a lot of pictures to end up with some I love.

Sometimes life is a lot like a photo shoot.

It takes a lot of living to end up with some great moments, because mixed in with all of the beautiful memories are some fairly blurry, not-so-pretty events.

I’ve discovered that the memories that turn out not so great for me are the ones where my focus isn’t where it should be.

I hate that about myself.

My mind is a lot like a ping-pong game with the ping-pong ball sometimes bouncing around so rapidly in my head that it hurts!

I want to fix my lens on Him.

I want to look up and not around.

I want to speak with truth and love.

I want to be Him to a hurting world.

And somehow in the midst of what I want is the reality of who I am.

An insecure, off-balance, deeply-needy, often-frazzled human being who craves friendship, acceptance, affirmation, and love.

When I find myself slipping into the mode of thinking, “Am I pleasing so-and-so?” I quickly spiral into someone who is not pleasing God.

So, it’s Monday and I have a decision to make.

Am I going to walk into today pleasing Him or pleasing others.

My prayer is that I can stay focused on Him.

I believe that if I can do this, then everything else will become clear and beautiful.

I want to see the world through His eyes.

I want to please Him.

Praying your day is filled with beautiful memories, clearly focused on the One Who loves you most.

3 thoughts on “Out of Focus………

  1. As an obsessive picture taker of my four children…i can relate to both concepts listed above. I found your blog when I happened onto Nick’s page. Tears. I was in tears. It brought back some of the emotions I felt when I held my baby on the palm of my hand…December 20, 2001. Isaiah Ethan was his name. He is with Nick too…along with two of my babies whom I never held. And I couldn’t be more overjoyed that they are safely awaiting my entrance to Heaven. 🙂
    I dont know you…but I will pray for that good that God promises to be clear and constant in the life of your beautiful family!

  2. I would love for you to check out a blog post that I wrote. It was the ending to a series of posts about my seven pregnancies. Four living children..and three miscarriages. The post is called “My Journey Revealed”. I challenge you to write a similar journal entry. You choose whether you share it or just cherish it. Blessings to you!!!