Simply Christmas

I was a little late (of course), but I added our house to The Nester’s Christmas Tour of Homes.


After looking at many of the homes, I have learned a couple of  things.

First, I have a very simple home.

Second, I am NOT an interior decorator. 

The beauty of the homes on the tour literally took my breath away at times!  WOW! was about all I could say as I saw picture after picture of beautiful spiral staircases and gorgeous Christmas trees!

And yet God somehow gently reminded me of the children in India who sleep on the street and the women in India who walk miles for water with large bowls on their precious heads and I realized how blessed I am in my simple home with my simple Christmas.

And I discovered that when I took pictures at just the right angle, I could create somewhat beautiful displays of the blessings God has given my family, and I could whisper, “Thank you, Lord.”

Isn’t life like this?????

If we look at life from a different angle, we are often more likely to see God’s view of things.  And His view is always a better one!  So, with a thankful heart and a spirit of humility I share with you the Nischan’s House…..Simply Christmas.

2009-12-06 060 east carter and christmas play resize

Olivia LOVES pigs, so she made sure I took a photo of her favorite ornament!! east carter sub day and christmas concert 041 east carter sub day and christmas concert 045

Hanging stockings was difficult for me this year.  Thinking that there was no stocking for Nick was more than my heart could bear, so I decided to hang stockings to fill the entire mantle…….There’s ten hanging all together..the last hook is holding two!!  The more the merrier, right????

Nick would grin, I just know it!east carter sub day and christmas concert 059

east carter sub day and christmas concert 062 We weren’t going to do outside lights this year….I’m so thankful that we did!

east carter sub day and christmas concert 039 My Willow Tree Nativity Set is all I really need to help get me in the Christmas spirit!

east carter sub day and christmas concert 031  Notice the “thumbs up” sign below the lamp?  This was part of the gingerbread village tour that Olivia and her friends did in memory of Nick!!!east carter sub day and christmas concert 057 My friend Ginger brought me this perfect sign last Christmas!  I just love it!

east carter sub day and christmas concert 066

east carter sub day and christmas concert 071 Olivia’s little tree has ornaments….unlike our living room one which I decided to just do in lights this year!

east carter sub day and christmas concert 046

My friend Susan from Forever His sent me this precious Nativity Set last Christmas not long before Nick passed away.  I just love it!!!!!!!!!!  HOPE…it’s how I keep on keeping on!!!!  Thank you, Susan!!east carter sub day and christmas concert 073 This is floral display that we received last year at Nick’s funeral.  I have it in our living room on the coffee table, and it makes me smile.

east carter sub day and christmas concert 051 I had to include Nick’s picture that is sitting in our bathroom since it’s near a Christmas decoration!  🙂

2009-12-06 034 east carter and christmas play resize

east carter sub day and christmas concert 042

Ok, so our living tree does have three ornaments on it!  Two of these little white ornaments Olivia decorated at a sleepover and a pair of mittens from a dear friend! This pillow below was from her too!!!!  Thank you, Cindy!2009-12-06 038 east carter and christmas play resize

2009-12-06 023 east carter and christmas play resize2009-12-06 027 east carter and christmas play resize  And finally a couple pictures of our kitchen!

Merry Christmas!!

6 thoughts on “Simply Christmas

  1. Tammy,
    Your house is beautiful— it is warm and welcoming just like you and your blog too! That’s why I love coming here, it feels so comfortable. God bless you and your family this Christmas.

  2. I’m SO glad I started at the END of Nester’s Tour! It was good to meet you and learn a bit of your story woven SO well throughout the tour of your home. You may not consider yourself an interior decorator; you may THINK your home is simple, but I would disagree! You are very gifted and your home speaks volumes about the abundance and beauty that God pours into hearts open to Him.

  3. I agree with the above post particularly about the beauty God pours into hearts. I LOVE all the signs you have as part of your decor. I particularly love how you incorporated the one sign in with the nativity.
    I’m also an adoptive Mom. My little girl I brought home from Guatemala about 18 months ago. This morning baking cookies with her, my heart was overwhelmed with joyful emotion at the sight of her. She must think her Mom is crazy for welling up with tears, and giving extra tight hugs for no particular reason.
    I pray the Lord will send an extra special blessing to you & your family this Christmas.
    God Bless & Merry Christmas.

  4. you have a wonderful blog. Your pictures of your home are touched with love and that’s more important than a glamourous lifestyle. I was touched by you story and wish you and your family Peace and love this Christmas.

  5. Hi! Tammy

    I came over at the suggestion of Violeta.

    Faith certainly becomes real when we go through trials such as yours.
    Great testimony.