The children………

One day during their morning chapel service, the children from the blind and disabled home wanted to perform some skits for us.

This picture was taken after the program.

The girl on the far left in the front row and the girl in between me and Olivia are both deaf but were able to perform in a dance routine with a group of girls that was so beautiful. The girl to my immediate left has no feet but did a solo dance routine that was precious. We are all on our knees next to her so that she doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

The children who have blonde hair in the photo are actually albino Indian children. The two behind me are brother and sister and were found living on their own several years ago with two younger siblings. The oldest sister would go to the streets after a wheat truck had made a delivery and would scoop up the wheat and dirt on the ground and then take it back to her brothers and sister and wash it so that they had food to eat.

Tonight as I have had an evening of sickness (I think the trip has caught up with my body), I can’t help but think of these kids in their dorm rooms and wonder what it is like for them when they are sick. Their caretakers are precious, but their facilities at this point are incredibly lacking in the way of comfort that most of us are blessed to have.

So even as my head is pounding and my stomach is not feeling so well, I feel thankful and undeserving of a home that provides love, security, a soft pillow, and so much more.

When these kids hugged us, you could feel their need for so many more hugs.

My prayer tonight is that each of these kids feels the hugs of angels so tightly that they know without a doubt that God loves them and has a beautiful plan for their lives in spite of their beginnings and their disabilities.

Humbly heading to bed,

3 thoughts on “The children………

  1. I”m not sure if doing something like this would be up my alley. I think I’d find it so hard to come home to my normal life after seeing all the needs of others. I’m not sure my husband could tolerate me afterwards. Blessings to you and your family for all you did for the children! Hope you get to feeling better today.

  2. Cheri,

    I definitely know what you mean!!

    There were many things about the trip that were depressing.

    At the same time, you just wouldn’t believe the smiles on the kids’ faces in spite of their hardships! It was amazing. Truly, you could feel God’s presence in each of their hearts.

    That part was so rewarding!

    I know you could do it!!

    Love you! Tammy 🙂

  3. I too am amazed at how much we have here compared to other places. I have never been to India but I am moving to Romania in September to work at a children’s home…

    I am sooo excited to share the love of Jesus with them!

    Thanks for your service to the kids in India!