Thumbs Up!

I can’t even remember who sent me this photo of a thumbs up painting, but I do remember it was sent one day a year or so ago when I needed a little sign from God that everything was going to be okay!

Today, as I walked through my bedroom it was scrolling across the computer screen’s “screen saver” collection! It is the first time I have seen it in soooo long, and again it came on a day when I needed that little reminder that God is with us through this journey with Nick.

For those of you who don’t know, Nick has brain cancer. Two and a half years ago a tumor came back after a wonderful four-years of Nick being cancer free. We were devastated. After his surgery, we began taking photos of friends and family with their thumbs up to let Nick know we felt GOOD and knew everything was going to be okay!

Then a couple of weeks later, my mom was driving to our home from hers and in the sky saw the most unbelievable cloud that was a perfect hand with a thumbs up! She was able to get out her camera while driving on the interstate and snap a photo that only missed the bottom of the hand. You can see the photo by going to Nick’s website ( and scrolling down on the home page!

Since that day, we have had thumbs up after thumbs up appear in our life and in the lives of so many others! It has been amazing!

We have also had people from all over the world send up thumbs up photos of themselves and their friends and family! It has been so encouraging.

I just knew today as I walked through my bedroom and the screen displayed the photo above that God was saying, “Everything is going to be okay!!!”

Thank you for all of your prayers for Nick!!

Love, Tammy

6 thoughts on “Thumbs Up!

  1. Hi Tammy,
    I saw your comment at Marybeth Whalen’s and thought I would come say Hello.

    One of the women I “chat” with a lot has a son who has battled a brain tumor for the past couple of years. Her name is Susan at Forever His. If you haven’t hooked up with her through blogging I highly encourage it. I am sure she would be glad to pray for your family and encourage you in a way that only “those who have been there” can. I will also pray for your son and your family as you battle this!

    I think you said in your comment you are going to She Speaks. I am going too so maybe we can “meet up” in NC. Which track are you attending?

    Take care Tammy and I am so glad I got to “meet you”!

  2. Dear Tammy,

    I’m so glad Kelly sent you my way. It’s so nice to meet you. I just spent a long time looking at your handsome son Nick’s site.

    I’d love to chat with you. My email address is

    Please know you can count on me to be in serious prayer for Nick. My heart just sank reading your update.

    Your son has been through so much, and just hearing those dreaded words can be over-whelming, I know.

    Please let me be here for you!

    … Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us.” Romans 8:37

    Praying you through,


  3. Hi Tammy, I found you through my friend Susan (at Forever His). It’s SO NICE to “meet” you! I love your LOVE for our LORD and am SO THANKFUL that you’re grounded in the WORD. When our son was in the battle for his life (he had Stage 4 Neuroblastoma) we had people tell us all sorts of things about GOD. One of which was that it wasn’t HIS will for our son to be sick. Another was that if we’d BELIEVE hard enough he would be healed. (I think they forgot about that verse that says if we ask anything ACCORDING TO HIS WILL) Yes, there are many that will tell us that it’s not GOD’S will for bad things to happen. I was blessed to read (in a post below) that you reminded us that JESUS said we should EXPECT trials and troubles. YES, sometimes, perhaps MANY times, our greatest struggles bring HIM the most glory.

    I will stand with you in prayer for your son and his healing. There is NO DOUBT what a MIGHTY GOD we serve.. and a HEALING is NOT a challenge for HIM.

    Oh, a really neat memory we both have in common is that of our towns celebrating our sons. September 30 was declared “Brent Nason Day” here in Mississippi. Our Lieutenant Governor was on hand that day to present Brent with the declaration. It was an AMAZING day!

    I hesitated to share our story, because I don’t ever want to dampen anyone’s faith. Our son received his HEAVENLY HEALING on January 2, 2007 at the age of 11. He was a Christian (he accepted CHRIST as his LORD on Easter Sunday at the age of 8).. we have NO DOUBT he’s sitting at the feet of JESUS. I want to ENCOURAGE you to keep your eyes on JESUS and HOLD TIGHT to HIS WORD. It’s such a BLESSING INDEED to find a sister that’s SO ON FIRE and SO GROUNDED in the TRUTH.

    I’ll be praying…
    Love, in HIM – Tonya

  4. Hi Tammy,

    I also read your comment and then found your blog while reading Marybeth’s blog. My heart was so touched with your – and your son’s – story. It stuck with me all night. I tried to comment but I am very new to this and did not yet have “an identity”..imagine that. But you have been in my prayers last night and again this morning.

    My son, too (like Tonya’s)was healed when Christ took him back to Heaven. He was 14 and also had a brian tumor…..he was also a Christian!!

    I was so encouraged by your faith-filled blog. I also loved reading how God has been so real for all of you…we serve a wonderful savior!!

    Please know that I will continue to pray for all of you. I, too, will be at She Speaks. Seems so many will be there….one more reason to be excited. This is my first time going and I am so looking forward to it.

    Take care -God bless. Jennifer

  5. Hi Tammy,

    I’m so glad Tonya dropped by, she is so precious, you will fall in love with her.

    I’d like to say hi to Jennifer and thank her for dropping a line too.

    Praying for you guys!


  6. Tammy,
    I will certainly be in prayer for your Nick. I have been through valleys of my own with my sons. It is hard, but Jesus remians my gentle Shepherd. I will also pray for you that God would not allow you to focus anywhree but on your Master. He is faithful. I will look for you in June at She Speaks.