Trying to keep Nick’s smile alive through ours…….

I just recently received all of the pictures from Nick’s first annual Night to Remember (thank you, Lesa!!).

I wanted to share a photo from that special evening of our family (along with my mom and dad.)

Behind all of these smiles there is a depth of sadness that words can never express.

But there is also a spirit of thanksgiving because of the knowledge and oh-so-certain belief that Nick is in Heaven with His Heavenly Father cheering us on as we strive to “not grow weary in doing good.”

My prayer for all of you today is that you will feel love, joy, peace, and hope as you walk with Him!

Smiling, not because of life’s circumstances, but because of Him,

4 thoughts on “Trying to keep Nick’s smile alive through ours…….

  1. Love the thumbs up above Olivia’s head!! So geat to see a smile on everyone’s face. You are so right about Nick watching from above. I just know he doesn’t want you to be sad anymore. He’s home!

  2. God’s presence comes over me each time I visit your blog. Heaven touches earth through your smiles and your words.

    I wanted to answer your question on my blog – The D6 story contest goes through May so you’ve got time. Thanks so much for participating and have a great trip out of town. We have spring break next week and I can’t wait!

    Blessings and hugs,

  3. I just had a song pop into my head…”keep smiling, keep shining, knowing you can always count on me…for sure!” I think God is singing that to your family!

    Thanks for holding your heads high and smiling brightly through the pain you are facing!

    God bless!

  4. I wish I could do this always….”Smiling, not because of life’s circumstances, but because of Him, “….what a great thought that is! Thanks!

    You have a lovely family.

    God bless you!