Today has been such a special day!

15 of our dear friends from Gardnersville, KY, where Tim had his first preaching ministry over 20 years ago came to spend the day and night with us!!!!  When they all pulled in and got out of their cars, we cried tears of joy as we hugged in the driveway!! It has been sooooo long since we’ve since each other, and we have all suffered such losses since the last time we were together.  Wendall, Marvin, and Nick are no longer with us here on the earth..but today was such a reminder of how wonderful Heaven will be when we are reunited with those who share the love of Jesus Christ with us!!!  Oh, what a glorious day that will be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-06-280037 holiday world trip resized   

From 87-year old Catherine to 2-year old Alli, our house has been hopping since early this afternoon! (Not all are pictured here!)  We’ve shared lots of laughs and tears throughout the day, and I feel so blessed to have my house so full of love.  .

I just had to share pictures from the day and the evening ..

 2009-06-280017 holiday world trip resized

It’s so hard to believe that kids from our youth group now have kids of their own!!! It was wonderful to hug little kids whom I had only met through Christmas cards!  They are all precious!

2009-06-280018 holiday world trip resized 

Janet swings with three of her grandkids!

2009-06-280026 holiday world trip resized

Relaxing while the kids swim!

2009-06-280055 holiday world trip resized

Evan and Maria played a little game of chess while we got the house situated!

2009-06-280053 holiday world trip resized

Rob and Scott played a little Rock Band while the moms bathed the kids and got the beds all ready!!

2009-06-280050 holiday world trip resized

Craig managed to fall to sleep in spite of the noise surrounding him!

2009-06-280057 holiday world trip resized

Todd took a couch for the nighr!

2009-06-280052 holiday world trip resized

Olivia shared her room with Sarah, Ashton, and Katelyn!

2009-06-280056 holiday world trip resized

Tim ended up in a recliner! I promise I covered him up!

2009-06-280051 holiday world trip resized

Joseph fell to sleep before Dana could get Shrek the III started!

I wasn’t able to photograph every bedroom..some were already sleeping!

But, that was our day in Grayson!

I’m now heading for bed knowing that as wonderful as today was…

Heaven will be even more wonderful than words could ever express!!!!!!!!


So Thankful for the Hope of Heaven!