she speaks erich and marias classroom 013

I just received an email saying that tomorrow on Oprah, Lysa TerKeurst and her family will be special guests as part of Oprah’s show on “fascinating families.”

I met Lysa two years ago when I attended the She Speaks conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Lysa featured Nick’s story on her blog in July of 2008 and encouraged women across the world to stop by my blog and encourage our family.  It was amazing!  I received over 100 messages in one day during a time in Nick’s journey when we needed intense love, prayer, and support.

This summer Lysa and I were able to visit while I was at the conference, and I was able to tell her how much her words meant to me!  Holly (on left) is Lysa’s assistant, and I was blessed to share a lot of time with her as well.

I’m not normally a big “Oprah watcher,” but I’ll be taping tomorrow’s episode.  I just love when God gets a chance to be glorified on national television…and Lysa will do just that, I am sure!

Go, Lysa!