It’s crazy to me that I am sitting in California just miles from streets where movie stars live and walk daily.

On the magazine covers, their lives seem so glamorous.

Yet here I sit with a banana peel on one side of me and generic decongestants on the other, realizing that just because you are in the Hollywood area life doesn’t magically become “spectacular!”

We’re having a great time, though, in spite of our “very normal” reality.

Today, we are going to do some sightseeing in the Beverly Hills area and then end our day at a Lakers’ game.  We’ve never been to a professional basketball game, so I think Olivia will especially have a blast!

I wanted to share a few pictures from yesterday.  The rose garden was beautiful.  I could have sat and read a book all day long!


Huntington Beach was filled with all kinds of people!  We had a great time watching the surfers!  Olivia and I couldn’t believe the size of the waves here!  Much different than Myrtle Beach!


Have a great day whether your day is filled with glamour or banana peels!

I think of you all often as I walk the streets of a town oh-so-different from my own!

I love you!