I decided to push ahead and consolidate several short chapters into one post so that I can hopefully complete the book study of Battlefield of the Mind in the next week!

The last ten chapters of this book are broken down into different thought patterns that keep us stuck in a “wilderness mentality.” 

Remember, the Israelites wandered for 40 years in the wilderness making a journey that should have only taken 11 days!!!   Let’s don’t repeat history as we try to reach our promised land!

The wilderness mentalities we are going to look at today are these:

“I can’t help it; I’m just addicted to grumbling, faultfinding, and complaining.

“Don’t make me wait for anything; I deserve everything immediately.”

“My behavior may be wrong, but it’s not my fault.”

Have you ever found yourself feeling negative, impatient, or unable to admit your mistakes????  Oh, I kind-of hope you say, “Yes,” because if you don’t then I’m going to feel like a real loser admitting that I still struggle with all three of these ways of thinking.

I want to be positive, patient, and able to accept responsibility for my actions; but many times I fail.  Many times. 🙁

I don’t know about you, but I think I need to print out the wilderness mentalities and hang them in several places throughout my home.  I sure don’t want to wander in the wilderness whining for 40 years when I could be experiencing an exciting adventure with God that draws me closer to Him every day. The thought of walking closer and closer to His Presence sounds so much more attractive to me than walking in circles of self-pity and doubt day after day.

A wilderness mentality stirred discontentment in Eve.

A wilderness mentality pushed Sarah to offer her maid Hagar to Abraham as a mom for their child.

A wilderness mentality rose up in Esau as his hunger overcame his brain causing him to give up his birthright for a bowl of soup.

What wilderness mentality do you battle?

Take a minute today to think about what you think about.

Are your thoughts drawing you closer to God or are they driving you away from His peace and comfort?

Praying for you as you strive to live with a Promise Land Mentality!

A Fellow Sojourner,