I’d never really thought about God coming down to walk with Adam and Eve and not being able to find them,

but that’s what happened after they ate fruit from the one tree God had told them was off limits.


Now, I’m sure God “knew” where Adam and Eve were when He walked through the garden saying, “Where are you?”

I’m sure He wanted Adam and Eve to come out from hiding on their own.

It had to hurt to think that the very people He had just made in His own image were now hoping He would not find them as they hid among the bushes.


I love that God didn’t just return to Heaven and leave them hiding.

I love that God pursued them and then met them in their guiltiness…….

giving them a second chance.

I also love that He clothed them before sending them out into the world.

With His supernatural hands He covered their shame with more than His mercy.

He covered it with exactly what it needed at that moment, and it was clothes.



Since the Bible says that God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow,

I have to believe that He still pursues us today.

Even in our guiltiness.


I also have to believe He brings with Him exactly what we need to cover up all of our imperfections.


Last night at jail I was overwhelmed with all the different needs of the women with whom we spent time.

Some needed strength, some needed hope, some needed courage, some needed peace………..

all were guilty of something and needing to be covered by more than our human hands were capable of providing.


I’m so thankful God pursued Adam and Eve,

because knowing that helps me believe that God pursues the guilty and shame-filled today.


If you find yourself feeling guilty or unworthy today and maybe hiding from God or if you find yourself struggling to find time to spend with Him,



He has just what you need in order to face the world without shame.

He wants to cover you in the mercy only He can give.

He longs to walk with you and talk with you and share every minute of life with you.

And most of all,

He won’t stop pursuing you until you are His.


Like a shepherd who has lost one sheep out of a hundred,

God will search for you until He finds you.

Maybe that’s where the saying comes from,

“You can run, but you can’t hide.”


I love knowing that in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve weren’t waiting to spend time with God,

God still showed up longing to spend time with them and longing to provide just what they needed in order to survive.


He longs to spend time with you too.

He has what you need.

Rest in that knowledge today.


You are loved with an everlasting love.


I’m thankful today for a God who pursues me.

I hope you are too. Smile

Have a happy Friday!