Sometimes we choose to sit and simply listen for God’s voice.

Other times we’re forced to sit.

I’ve had a lot of forced “sitting” throughout my life. 

Waiting in waiting rooms, waiting for test results, waiting for answers, waiting for kids to be done with different kinds of practices (piano soccer, basketball, and on and on.), waiting for kids to arrive home from dates……..

Sometimes I’ve  used these sitting and waiting times for good.

I’ve prayed.  I’ve read.  I’ve written.  I’ve soaked in God’s presence.

Other times, though, I’ve blown it.

I’ve flipped through pointless tabloids to see which movie star is doing what.

I’ve fretted.

I’ve chewed my nails.

I’ve focused on me, my health, my kids’ health, the world, and on and on…. rather than on Him.

Lately, and it’s no secret, I’ve been in a valley.

A depth of despair that has superseded most depths to which I have traveled.

I have allowed stress to consume my thoughts, my actions, my spirit.

And God, in His faithfulness and in His time, has heard my cry.

I love the verse that says,

“I waited patiently for the Lord.  He turned to me and heard my cry.”

Today, I’ve allowed God to speak a lot.

We didn’t have school, and I was able to watch three different sermons on the Holy Spirit. 

I spent some time outside enjoying the sunshine.  My classroom has no windows, so it felt WONDERFUL to be in the fresh air!

Tomorrow I’ll share about a book I’ve been reading and offer another give-away!

No matter how deep the valleys we travel, I am comforted to know that God is there……..

All My Love,