faith pruden

Last week I received an email from a student who graduated from the college where my husband teaches.  She shared in the note about a precious little girl named Faith who lives near her and who was diagnosed February 19th with terminal brain cancer.  She has been given 6 months to live by her oncologist.

Tomorrow Faith begins a type of radiation that will hopefully slow down the growth of the tumor, and her mom is asking everyone who is willing to fast in prayer for her to please do so.

I have fallen in love with this little girl in one short week, and as I thought about the phrase, “Fasting for Faith,” I couldn’t help but think of the faith that is required when we choose to fast and pray. 

Faith in a God who cares.

Faith in a God who listens.

Faith in a God who understands.

Faith in a God who goes ahead of us making the rough places smooth.

Faith in a God who never leaves or forsakes us.

So, tonight, I’m sending out a plea to all of you.

Will you consider fasting for Faith in whatever way your health allows on Monday? 

Every time you feel hungry, whisper a prayer for this sweet little girl and her family.

I am believing that as we “fast for Faith” our own faith will grow, and I am trusting that God will hear our every prayer. 

If you click on Faith’s name in the first paragraph, you will be taken to her CaringBridge site.

God bless your Monday,