When you have a son who has feared crossing bridges from the time he was a young boy,

you realize that the declaration of his summer plans has to be from God when he announces that he wants to work in Japan with tsunami relief for the summer.


Todd, a sophomore in college, seems to be headed toward a life of mission work, and this summer he is going to jump in head first in a part of the world that needs God’s love desperately.

Todd will be working in the town that was hardest hit by the tsunami of 2010,

helping with a ministry to widows and grieving moms who are being taught how to take the rubble from the destruction and create pottery and jewelry to sell in order to get their feet back on solid ground.

I especially love that they have the women name their creations after their loved ones whose lives were taken during the catastrophic event.

What a powerful way to teach the women to create legacies of love from the brokenness of this world in order to bring some sort of healing to their hearts.


I am writing today to ask you to pray for Todd and for all the people of Japan who are still climbing out emotionally and physically from this natural disaster.

I am also writing to thank everyone who has helped him so far with his fundraising efforts in order to cover his travel expenses and living expenses for two months in Japan.

He has reached the $3,000 mark of his $4,800 goal!!!!


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If you watch this video and feel compelled to help Todd, please email me at tammynischan@yahoo.com, and I will send you the address for making a donation to Team Expansion in Todd’s name.



Today, I am praying for all of you in  a very specific way.

Praying that as your day unfolds you will be fully aware of God’s desire to be a part of every minute of your life.

I believe He is speaking all around us.

He speaks through children, nature, friends, events, and much more…….

He also speaks through His written Word.


Today, listen.

How is speaking to you?

What is He asking of you?

What is wanting you to know with confidence?


From me, I think He is wanting to say this to you,


I’m especially praying today that you will feel His overwhelming love for you all day long.

Embrace it.

Be thankful for it.

Acknowledge it.

When we experience God’s love fully, we are able to share it freely.


I love you all much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for praying for my son and for Japan.