A year ago when I made my appointment for my annual exam,

I had no idea that on that day particular day a year later a new nurse practitioner would be joining my doctor for the very first time.

I also didn’t know that she would almost not start rounds on that specific day but then decide at the last minute to come on the very morning I was being seen.


On top of that, I had no idea that there would be a little four-year-old boy

who would develop the same kind of brain tumor as Nick during this past year

and whose godmother would happen to be that very nurse practitioner who would be in the room with me yesterday for the very first time.


This nurse practitioner had heard of Nick’s story and, like me, had no idea what her day would hold.

She didn’t know she would meet “Nick’s mom”  as she walked into the room where I was waiting covered in a paper robe.

She didn’t know that she would tell her story and we would cry together and hug as she shared about little Boston only having days to live.


But God knew.



A year ago as I stood checking out from my appointment and looking ahead to make my next one for 2013,

God knew that Boston’s godmother would need encouragement on this exact day.

And He knew that I would be called to go back to painful memories from my life so that I could share His love on this day.


I love how God works.


I love that we don’t have to make all the plans and yet His plans are carried through.


Today, know that no matter how unplanned your day may seem to you,

God longs to use you to fulfill His plans.


Ask God to show you how He longs to use you today.


The devil would love for us to think that moments like sitting and waiting for a doctor are pointless parts of our life story.

He wants to devalue our life so that ordinary daily events seem insignificant.

When we allow him to do this, he takes away a huge part of our impact on this world because truly most of our life is made up of ordinary daily events.


Don’t let the devil devalue your day no matter how mundane it may seem from an earthly perspective.

Remember who holds today in His hands and know that the Creator of the universe takes great pride in every single detail of His creation.

He has plans for you today.

His plans may appear in very dramatic ways,

or they may appear while you are in the midst of a very humbling and extremely non-dramatic moment like being covered with a paper robe waiting to see a doctor.


Trust Him no matter what you’re condition.

He longs to use you to share His love with those who are hurting.


You are His love letter to a broken world.


You show that you are a letter from Christ, the result of our ministry,

written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God,

not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts.

II Cor. 3:3

Please pray for Boston and his family.