Evan, if I could hop on a plane this morning, I would!

I’d fly straight to LA and take a taxi right to your apartment!
And I’d hug you and tell you just how much you are loved by me and by your dad and by all of your family.

But since I can’t, I found a few pictures this morning and decided to just reflect on what a gift you have been and still are to us.

Evan November 016

I could always count on you and Erich for a good naptime!

Evan November 017

You hung out with me and whoever was at the house on any given day.

This particular day the Mullholland kids were over and you were right there,

listening as we read yet another Richard Scarry book!

I’m so glad I had those glasses on so I could see the words! Smile

Evan November 018

Your eyes were beautiful from the very beginning!

Erich’s, on the other hand, seem to have disappeared on this particular day! Smile

Evan November 011

Being a crown-carrier at KCU’s homecoming is just one of many tasks you completed before you were four.

Jacob and Lela joined in the fun that day!

evan 003

Our annual trip to Holiday World with Mamaw and Papaw was always so much fun!!

evan 004

Neighborhood experiences were always an adventure when you guys were little!
We love you, Brenda and Whitney!

Evan November 013

20 years ago when you turned 3, I didn’t look at you and think that this day would come with 23 candles.

Time goes so quickly!

Enjoy every second…I know you do!

Evan November 014

I never really knew what you and Erich would want to be next.

Olivia will love this picture when she comes downstairs this morning!

She’ll probably frame it and add it to her pig collection in her room!

Evan November 015

This might be one of my favorites!
You in a Power Ranger costume.

You were the king of costumes.

And I smile today, knowing that you will spend your birthday in the desert filming a cowboy scene for a short film.

I can’t wait to see pictures from the shooting.

I am proud of you, Evan.

I am excited for you!

I can’t wait to see you at Christmas!

All my love,


evan and more 001