Yesterday I thought teaching was overwhelming……………….

Tonight, it’s motherhood that wins the prize.
Evan is in the hospital with a terrible allergic reaction to some sort of bug bites that overtook him while jogging last Thursday. He has been battling the over 200 bites ever since. We spent the night in the emergency room last night, and he was admitted early this morning. He will be in the hospital until at least Friday on IV antibiotics and some other medicines to help the unbelievable reaction. 🙁 I will post pictures if Evan approves.
Olivia isn’t feeling great either, so I am going to take her to the doctor tomorrow since I already have a sub and the hospital is right across the street from her pediatrician.
Deep breath………………..
The wedding is only nine days away.
Why did I ever agree to speaking on the topic of “what to do when we feel like we don’t have anything left to give” later this month?????
If the devil only realized that his tricks to discourage and disillusion us are flipped upside down and used by God in a powerful way.
As Beth Moore once said, “Once you’ve survived the perfect storm, the serpent is all bite and no venom.”
He might as well move on, because in spite of the circumstances, I am standing firm on the Rock.
I’m praying that today, you can stand firm……………………
in spite of your stress
in spite of your fear
in spite of your grief
in spite of your loneliness
in spite of your anxieties

On Christ, the Solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.
All other ground is sinking sand.
Praying for all of you tonight. Thank you for every prayer for our family,