Packed bags sit at my feet.

Nick’s Foundation supplies surround me.
Photography took up my morning as I went with Olivia to FCA to snap some shots of the KCU football players sharing their testimonies.
The clock ticks, and my spins.
What have I forgotten this morning?
Suddenly, I remember.
It’s YOU!
I wanted to say “bye” to all of you!
Your love and prayers mean more to me than I could ever begin to express in words.
I think of your faces, your names, your stories………………all so different and yet all so special.
And I smile.
I stop and whisper a prayer for you as I carry the third bag to the kitchen, and in the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of the modern-style railway that connects us daily……………….my computer.
Taking a break to share with you comes as naturally as breathing.
So I inhale God’s love and exhale “I love you” before loading the car.
I am praying that your day is filled with many God-inhaled moments……………
Our world needs the exhales of His love.
Thankful for the way you have walked so faithfully with me through dark days and light,