My nephew Phillip lives five hours away……

When he comes to visit, he loves to play with Olivia’s friend’s little brother, Ian. They are “best friends” according to Phillip!!

The other day Jennifer emailed to tell me that Phillip is going through this stage where he’ll only wear jeans if they a hole in one knee!!!

I just about lost it when Ian walked up to our house to get Cameron the other day and had on a pair of jeans with….

you guessed it!!!

a hole in one knee!!!!!!

I had to take a picture of Ian!! Now I’m hoping to get one of Phillip in the same pose!

Isn’t that the great thing about friendship……you don’t even have to “know” what each other is doing to share a special bond!

I had to run to Cameron’s house tonight to pay for Girl Scout cookies and Brooke (Cameron and Ian’s mom) was on my blog. Ian was looking at the pictures of Nick and saying, “I miss Nick…” Cameron came out of her bedroom and was wearing her “Remember to Celebrate My Life – Nick t-shirt.” The whole experience just touched me so deeply!!!

Nick’s spirit is everywhere!!

When I got home from paying for cookies and stopping at the store with Olivia for “school lunch supplies,” Nick’s buddy Brandon was at the house(at 9 p.m.) to show me a “thumbs up” picture his girlfriend had found under her mouse pad in the computer lab at school today!! WOW!!! Brandon, I enjoyed our visit so much! You are one of my boys, you know?!


You still amaze me. You are with me every second of every day…and truly I think you are with so many more than just me!!!

I’ve only had one meltdown today…an unexpected one….

Driving by the outreach center, I just had a flashback to all of the times we went in the back door for blood work and then waited to see if Nick needed another transfusion….

He was such a trooper…and the nurses were amazing….

Thank you, Roxy, for being on the other end of the phone when I called the middle school about a meeting I had…… let me cry…….and that meant the world to me…..thank you, Nicki, for coming out to the car for our “meeting.” You saved me from facing the masses….that meant the world to me, too!

Thank you Grayson Church of God and Karen for having me out tonight to talk about….

Peace…when the river runs wild!

Your prayer circle around me will never be forgotten! I feel blessed.

Ian, you asked if I would put a heart on this blog for you……

Look what I found!

I “heart” Ian!!! I love you, sweet little boy!!! I love you, too, Phillip!!