ladies retreat 024  The time and energy that went into planning this retreat still blows me away! ladies retreat 017

The decorating for “The Bride of Christ” theme was amazing.  I wish I would have taken more pictures. ladies retreat 020
The praise and worship led by Bridges Christian Church…wow!!!

ladies retreat 021

Getting to spend a little time with Wendy!!!  Yeah!!

2009-09-25 0011 olivia and me football jerseys

Realizing that just as Mary was chosen to be the mother of Jesus, we are all chosen for a purpose in this life and that purpose is to “lift our eyes to Him, love Him, and serve Him…NO MATTER WHAT!”

Yes, He Chose Us!

Thankful to have the opportunity to share about that simple truth at the retreat!

Praying that all of you will feel chosen today…..NO MATTER WHAT you are facing!