You are such a special friend and such a blessing to my life!

When I need a hug or prayer, I know you’re there! That means the world to me!

God has blessed my life with so many different kinds of precious friends. I am so thankful! I truly believe that God blessed me with you!

I also believe that God has blessed Olivia by allowing her to have you as a Sunday school teacher! When she runs to hug you at church and when she asks to buy you things when we are shopping, I am reminded that YOU ARE AMAZING! As a mom, I am thankful. As a fellow Christian sister, I am thankful!

I am grinning as I type this, because I know you are grinning as you read this!

Have a great day!

Love, Tammy

PS I LOVE ALL OF MY FRIENDS SO MUCH! I am sending out a challenge to everyone who reads this to say “thank you” to someone today for being a great friend! It may be just what they need to hear!