I was reading the story of Noah this morning and was keenly aware of the lack of information about his wife.


No name.

No voice.

No struggle.

No questions.

No fear.

No doubt.

No anger.


All we know is about Noah’s wife is that she was there, watching the ark go up and then boarding it before the rain began covering the earth with a great flood.


Because of her willingness to board the large ship,

we also know that about a year later she walked onto dry ground and shared in the beginning of a new time on earth.


That’s all we really know about this unnamed and otherwise unnoticed woman from the Bible.


Today, I’m wondering if you ever feel unnamed or unnoticed?


Do you feel like your voice isn’t heard,

your struggles are unseen,

your questions are unanswered,

your fears are ignored,

your doubts are kept to yourself,


your anger is suppressed just to keep peace?


If so, remember Noah’s wife.


I have to believe she was an important part of history even though we only get a hint of her presence.


I have to believe Noah wrestled with whether or not he had lost his mind as he continued building day after day even though everyone around must have thought he was crazy.

Surely Noah talked with his wife in the evenings and she encouraged him, kept him focused, made him feel sane in the midst of such a huge feat.


As the rain began, she surely wept for those who were not on the ark.

She surely prayed that even in their deaths God would somehow have mercy on their souls.


As the days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months,

surely she struggled and felt frustrated and wondered how this ever could have happened?


She must have had to keep peace at time between all of her sons and their wives as the close quarters and swaying ship became uncomfortable over time.

Surely people and animals got seasick and she had to clean up messes.

Surely she lost it every once in a while and had to get away from it all.

I can just see her standing on a deck of the ship and crying out to God all alone.


As they stepped out onto dry land and Noah built an altar to thank God for saving them,

what was she thinking?


Was she sad for all who died?

Did she feel guilty that they were spared?

Was she overwhelmed with the responsibility of starting mankind all over again?

Did she ever get depressed and long for a friend?

Did she look at Noah and feel incredible pride for his faithfulness to God’s orders or did she feel fear in the face of so much that was unknown?


Today, as I sat and read about the flood and about Noah’s righteousness,

I longed for the chance to read about his wife’s part in the story.


Someday, I hope to walk with her in Heaven and listen to all she has to share.

I think she will be funny.

I think she will make me laugh until I tell her my ribs hurt and then Eve will walk up and say,

“Speaking of ribs..” Smile

This morning, I wonder what Noah’s wife would say to us if she were here?


I’m thinking she would say something like,


“Be okay with being unnamed or unnoticed.  Be faithful no matter what.  The reward is just the same!”


And Eve would chime in,

“Laugh until your rib hurts……it’s Adam’s anyway!”