Her little feet.

Running through our yard.

And through our house.

It was a summer to remember.


I think about her this morning,

experiencing another culture with her mommy and daddy.

On the other side of the world.

I miss my little Gingersnap.

But I also whisper a prayer of thanks.

She is safe.

She is loved.

And she knows.


I wish every child could experience the same depth of love.

Know how much they matter.

Understand how much they’re worth.

I wish every little boy and girl all around the world could wake up,

excited about the adventure of a new day.

And fall to sleep peacefully…..

with only good thoughts dancing through their head.

But I know the truth.

This world has a way of robbing some children of these wonderful thoughts and feelings.

They stumble through childhood,

trying to protect themselves from people’s actions and words.

And then face adolescence with a defensive courage only a few are able to understand.

Be patient with these children.

They’re trying to believe something they’ve possibly never heard.

They have worth.

Jesus had to remind the disciples of this very thing.

“Do not be afraid.  You are worth more than many sparrows.”


What if every child could believe this today?

What if every time they saw a bird, they somehow knew….

they’re just as special.

Just as loved.

Created for a purpose.

And cared for by their Creator.

Today I hope we all have the chance to let one child know how much they matter.

Just how much they’re worth.

“Not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father.”

How different would this world look…..

if every child could know?

He knows when they stumble.

He knows when they fall.

He cares for them deeply.

And He cares for you too.

If the disciples needed to be reminded,

even as they walked beside their Savior,

I think we all do too.

(Thoughts today from Mt. 10:16-33)