20140329_1429We’ve all seen the poster showing the cat hanging on for dear life with the caption,
“Hang in there. Friday’s coming.”
If Monday could talk,
I have a feeling it would have a lot to say about this poster and this mentality of life.
After all, Mondays have to happen in order for Fridays arrive.
Mondays matter.
They often set the mood for the rest of the week.
They are like the starting line in a race where first few steps determine the pace for all steps to follow.
So, this morning, I’m listening to Monday say,
“Don’t just hang in there this week.  Live fully.  Embrace me.  Make me matter for what I am not just for where I’m leading you.”
My eyes are a little tired this morning.
I stayed up too late last night.
But it’s not Monday’s fault, so I’m taking all the blame.
I’m going to do more than push through the day.
I’m going to smile through, laugh through, love through, and live through every minute of this Monday, because hanging on for Friday limits me to being a going-through-the-motions kind-of person.
I want to be a fully-engaged, productive employee today.
I want to be an in-tune mom and a caring wife today.
I want to be a good friend with an open ear today.
So, Monday, thank you for whispering in my ear this morning.
I heard you