My son Todd and I arrived last night at my parent’s house around 10 p.m.

It’s now 2:20 a.m., I am up getting ready for our journey to Oklahoma where we’ll have Grandpa’s funeral in the tiny town he lived in most all of his life.

My grandpa was such a constant in my life.

Just looking at pictures of him makes me smile and feel thankful for a grandpa who loved me unconditionally.

Even though Grandpa hasn’t been able to visit in the past few years like he once did, his sweet little smile was enough for me to know that “all was well” in his soul.

I will be away from my computer until next Wednesday, so I had to send a quick “good bye” and “I love you” to all of you and a “thank you” for every prayer.

Thankful for each of you and asking you to especially remember the people of Haiti in your daily prayers.

Praying the Lord’s love will fill each of your day’s with grace and beauty,