columbus 0008

I’m going back to this pile of trash today……..

Because that blue desk is too cute to be thrown away.

If it’s still there and if it survived our major rainfall last night, I’m digging it out and bringing it home.

Just looking at this picture makes me wonder what treasures we all have hidden under a lot of “junk.” 

Are there some things you need to pull away from in order for God to use your treasures?  Do you ever feel treasure-less? 

I just want to encourage you today to look deep inside yourself and ask God to reveal to you the specialness He has placed within you and only you.

I have a feeling if this desk could talk, it would say, “I’m of no value to anyone anymore.”  But I look at this desk and see so much potential.

That’s how God looks at you.

Feel Valued Today!

You are a treasure in the eyes of God,