tired as He was from the journey,

sat down by the well.”

John 4:6

Why do I love this image?

Jesus –

the Son of God,

Prince of Peace

King of Kings

 Lord of Lords

Savior of the world

and most of all

 Living Water

sitting by a well.

Jesus was weary.

The One who holds all things in His hands

needed a place to be held himself.

Jesus needed rest.

Of all the things in my reading this morning,

this sentence stood out.


tired as He was from the journey,

sat down by the well.”

The human part of my Messiah touched me.

Not His miracles.

Not the fact that disciple after disciple left everything they knew and everyone they loved

just to walk with Him

simply after hearing the words,

“Follow me.”

Not that He was able to turn water into wine.


This morning I needed to know Jesus understands fatigue.

He gets me when I’m moving from one place to the next and feel the need to catch my breath.

He sees the moments when “one more thing” becomes too much.

And understands what it feels like when taking one more “emotional step” is more than I can bear.

Jesus, my Living Water,

sat down by a well.

And even there,

He found a way to help the next person.

From this place of stillness,

He was able to change a woman’s life forever.

No big commotion.

No fanfare.

No angels singing.

Just a tired Savior.

I’m not sure what your day holds.

But I know what mine does.

And I’m so thankful to know that Jesus,

the One I follow,

my Living Water,

isn’t in a hurry.

I can keep up with a Savior who sits down when He needs to.

And I can trust Him to still use me

even as I’m sitting with Him there.

Breathe in this thought this morning.

When Living Water sits down by a well,

we can too.