Luke 19

37When he came near the place where the road goes down the Mount of Olives, the whole crowd of disciples began joyfully to praise God in loud voices for all the miracles they had seen:
38“Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!”[a]
      “Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!”

39Some of the Pharisees in the crowd said to Jesus, “Teacher, rebuke your disciples!”

40“I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”

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As we walked through Holiday World Tuesday, Ian stopped me as we were passing an area of flowers along the sidewalk and said,

“”Listen, Tammy, the rocks are singing!”‘

Sure enough!  All through the landscaping, rocks had been strategically placed containing speakers.

I couldn’t help but think of the time when the Pharisees commanded Jesus to rebuke the disciples for praising Him.  Jesus responded to their complaints by saying that if the disciples were silent even the rocks would cry out!!!!

Then as I stopped to look at the rocks in the landscaping I thought to myself,

“If man can make a rock sing,


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Thank you, Ian, for having the precious eyes and ears of a child!  I love you!


Crying out “Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!”


Refusing to be silent,