Last night was one of those nights when I questioned whether or not having a blog was “worth” what had happened.

See, Olivia got on my blog and started scrolling back through pictures while I was vacuuming the house.  I walked through at one point and saw that she was reading something I had written and was wiping tears from her eyes.  I knew she had gone further back into my blog..

back to Nick.


(Olivia and Nick with my mom’s dear friend, Barbara)

A little later I came back into the kitchen and Olivia was gone.  I couldn’t find her anywhere in the house.  Then I finally heard a muffled, crying voice coming from the darkness of the little room off the kitchen.  She had curled up facedown on Nick’s chair and was sobbing.  She cried and cried and cried.  Finally, she let me scoop her up and talk a bit.  I told her that I still cry too and that I just know deep, deep inside that Nick is good.  I also told her how thankful I was for her and how she had helped me so much in my sadness by keeping me busy with her sports and friends.

and most of all that ONE DAY we would be with Nick forever!!!!!!!!!

I prayed that God would turn Olivia’s tears into laughter and sure enough a friend called and we ran to their house for a bit where Olivia was able to have some time to laugh and talk.2009-07-010023 holiday world trip resized

Then this morning we woke up to our dog barking like crazy and we were so surprised to find a beautiful kitten on our front porch!!!  Olivia has been busy all day!!!  2009-07-010021 holiday world trip resized

We went and bought kitty food and a little dish.  We got a cardboard box and Olivia has created a living space for our new family member “Marble!”

He literally rolled into our lives out of nowhere!kitty cat and bird food 019

As I write this Nick’s wind chime has begun chiming loudly on the back porch as if Nick is saying, “No, Mom, your kitty is from Heaven!!!!!”

Thankful for this little reflection of God’s promise to provide for our every need.