What is your passion?

What kind of conversation can get you most excited?

When you have free time, what do you like to do or think about?


What if God longed for you to live within that passion?

What if His plan for you involved that very thing that energizes you?


I think it just might.


In John 10:10, Jesus says,

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

I believe God wants us to have happy, overflowing lives of laughter and love.

It’s the devil that has other plans.

Right before Jesus makes this wonderful statement about why He showed up,

He warns that the devil is a thief who comes to steal, kill, and destroy.

Think about your passions.

Do you see ways that the devil has been successful in stealing your dreams, killing your self-confidence, destroying your determination?

I sure can in my life.

I’m finally reaching a place in life where I’m ready to step out and be exactly who God wants me to be.

Is it scary?


Is there a risk?



Will there be setbacks?

I’m sure there will be.


But, will it be worth it??





Because God will walk with me as I trust Him for the next step over and over again.


Look straight into a mirror and ask yourself,

“Am I doing what I love?  Am I living the life I believe God created me to live?”


If you can answer, “Yes,” then you are already living your dream.

If you hesitate, then take some time to pray and ask God to make His plans for your life very clear to you.


Theologian Frederick Buechner is quoted as saying,

“Vocation is where our greatest passion meets the world’s greatest need.” 


What is your greatest passion?

What do you see as the world’s greatest need?


I’m in the preparation stage of living my dream.


I hope you are too.


Many plans are in a man’s mind,

but it is the Lord’s purpose for him that will stand.

Prov. 19:21