heart in bars

God is omnipresent.

He’s in the blooming of the flowers,

the buzzing of the bees,

the voice of a small child,

the swaying branches of the trees.

He’s in the sun rise and the sun set,

the driest heat, the gentlest rain.

He simply is.

Making space for Him who holds all space should be an easy task.

Noticing Him in a foggy mist should be second-nature.

Breathing in the morning air should remind me that I’m breathing in exactly what He knew I needed in order to survive.

He’s all around me, so shouldn’t it should come easy-

this making space for Him who is in all space?

Yet I miss Him.

Imprisoned by my small and limited view of my little space, I fail to realize it’s His space too.


So very often.

I miss Him.

I rush right by or right through or right around or right over the very way, the very moment, He’s reaching out to say,

“I love you.  I’m right here.”

What do I need to do to make space for Him who loves me most?

 The answer isn’t really about creating anything new.

It’s really not about finding the perfect place to meet Him.

Or the perfect moment.

It’s so much easier.

It’s really all about slowing down.

It’s about being okay with times of silence, allowing Him to fill the stillness of these moments with His love.

It’s about leaning my head back on the seat of my car before starting the engine and soaking in the reality of where I’m going and why I’m going there and how He is traveling right along with me even when it’s to a very hard place.

A hospital room.

A cemetery.

A stressful job.

A difficult meeting.

A hurting friend’s house.

There’s so much power in making space for God.

There’s so much peace hiding in the crevices of life.

Don’t miss Him today.

Slow down.

Lean back.

Breathe deeply.

Feel His presence.

Be still and know that He is God.

Psalm 46:10

Make space for Him today.

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