I loved this quote that was written on a glass window in Philadelphia, “Go back to the past to build the future.”062011068 On a very personal level, I have learned that going back to my past and remembering how God walked the road of grief with me after we lost Adrienne has helped me realize that He will be with me in the days ahead as I continue to work through my deep sadness after losing Nick.


This gentleman stood in front of me waiting to walk through the museum which contained the Liberty Bell.  I wondered what he was thinking about as he stood in line.  I wondered what stories he has heard about the past that have given him strength as he has walked into the future.062011067

I snapped a shot during a video reenactment of the life of a freed slave who worked for Abigail Adams..I love the words that were on the screen as I took this photo, and I find it amazing that in our country’s history…our past…God was working, calling people to specific journeys…

What a reminder that God is working today and that He will be working tomorrow!

062011102 I’m not going to pretend that I was amazed by the Liberty Bell.  I actually texted home to Mom and the kids, stating that the Liberty Bell was much smaller than I had ever dreamed.  I am still being teased about this text, because I guess the bell isn’t as small as they had imagined after reading my text…..oh well, it was small to me! :). 

When I think of this bell ringing throughout Philadelphia years ago, it does make me smile and wonder what kinds of things we hear today that remind us of the freedom we have in America……or is there anything left to which we turn our ear?062011150 This road spoke to me as we walked by…not a in an audible voice, but there was something about the roads wide, smooth edges combined with its enclosed, rocky path that reminded me that life is a lot like this road….

Our feet may hurt from time to time during our journey, but God promises to set our boundaries in pleasant places if we simply trust Him with our tomorrows.




Standing at the tomb of thousands of unknown soldiers who fought for our countries freedom and then watching the torch which burns continually in their memory was such a vivid reminder of how much our freedom cost.  How easy it is for me to forget the sacrifice made by so many who walked the road of life before me………

As Tim and I continued our walk through Philadelphia we found the oldest residential street in America, Elfrath’s Alley.  Tim and I had never heard of this street in our lives, but it was almost surreal to walk down its narrow passageway and try to imagine the horses and carriages that one day trotted along from home to home.062011179

062011190062011188  Spying a small mailbox beside the porch of one of the houses on this street reminded me of how special letters from a friend or family member must have been at that time in history.  Today, I often take for granted the many different types of messages I receive in one day (texts, phone calls, Facebook messages, and the list goes on and on).


Tim wanted to take my picture in front of one of the doors in this old alley, and I loved the red one. So I turned to pose not realizing that it was door number 117! If you followed Nick’s story at all, you will remember that he said his nickname was 7-11, because we discovered his first two brain tumors at those two ages!062011207

I felt Nick’s presence in that moment!  I thought that he was cheering me and Tim on as we ventured into a week of such a different kind of “vacation.”  I felt like he was giving his stamp of approval!  Seeing the number on the door made my heart sing!

I love looking back and remembering how God has been with me through every happy and every difficult moment in my life.

When I look back, I am reminded that I can look forward with confidence, knowing that God has been and will continue to be with me every step of the way………. 

No matter how rough the road.

Look back today and say “thank you” for all the times God has been exactly what you needed.

And then look forward with faith and determination, knowing that you do not walk into the future alone.

God is with you!