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We’ve spent the last two days sorting and organizing thousands of yard sale items for tomorrow!! We are so excited!!!!  All proceeds will be sent to Damoh, India, to help build the kitchen and dining hall for the orphanage that is under construction at this time!

If 2,000 people each gave $30, they would have the funds needed to build these two parts of the orphanage at a size that would accommodate 200 children at a time!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just love how God can use a little from each of us to create something HUGE for others!!!  Love is like that isn’t it!! The more you give..the more it grows!

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If you would like to be a part of the Mid-India Orphanage Project, please go to Nick’s site and click on the “donate” button!  Your name will be added to a plaque that will hang in the dining hall of Joshua’s Place!

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Thank you for praying for all of these precious people!

Stop by the yard sale tomorrow if you can!!

208 Pomeroy Street

Grayson, KY