This morning I have a lot of different people on my mind………..

and today looks so differently for each of them.

Some are starting new chapters today. (Praying for you, Cy and Maura! It will be a great day!)

Some are wondering how they are going to make it financially.

Some are fighting cancer and some are living in the shadow of it.

Some are recovering from surgery or spending their days trying to help someone else recover.

Some are facing jobs that are really bringing them down.

Some are facing new grief, just trying to get out of bed.

Some have been walking in grief for a while and wonder how they have made it this far without the one they miss so much.

And some are just overwhelmed with life in general………

Yet Monday comes as if everyone’s calendar is unmarked, holding nothing more than the number “11.”


If your day seems to hold more than you or your calendar can handle, remember this:

God holds you in the palm of His hand.

Not only that, He has engraved you there!

He walks your road with you personally.

He is omnipotent and omniscient.

He’s got your Monday.

He’s got you.


Today, that’s more enough for me!

I want it to be more than enough for you too!!


Ps. 63:8

My soul clings to you; your right

hand upholds me.

Is. 49:16

See, I have engraved you on the

palms of my hands;

your walls are ever before me.

(I’ll announce Abel’s Field winners this evening.  Scroll down to the movie give-away post, if you still want to enter the drawing!)

Praying for you all,