If you’ve ever seen Extreme Home Makeover, you’ve heard the words, “MOVE THAT BUS!” I can’t watch that show without tears rolling down my face. As a matter of fact, I rarely watch the show anymore because my kids make fun of me for crying so much.

Well, in a strange sort of way, I have had something blocking my view of God’s mountain. Not a bus and really not a tree………something that was keeping my heart from feeling totally free to pray for a miracle.

It was hospice.

In and of itself, I know that hospice serves a wonderful purpose. I know that it can bring great comfort in times of need.

But, at this time in Nick’s journey, there was just something about stepping to this level that did not bring peace to my soul. I felt crazy for saying, “I’m praying for a miracle,” as the medical world came in and out of our house to “check on Nick’s condition.”

After some deep soul-searching and talks with my husband, we have decided that we are pulling out. We have many nurse and nurse practitioner friends who are lined up and ready to be at our door within minutes if needed. We have friends and family to provide love and support.

And we have God……….the Perfect Comforter.

I still believe that God can totally heal Nick. He is walking now. He is going to a movie tomorrow with his dad! I know that God’s ways are higher than my ways. I trust Him…no matter what (and that is very hard to say), however………………

Tonight I humbly yet happily say,

MOVE THAT TREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want a clear view of the mountain!!!!!!!!!

Lifting My Eyes to the Hills Where My Help Comes From,