While Tim and I were out to dinner with my mom and our kids celebrating my birthday (let’s don’t talk about which birthday this is)…..

One of Nick’s best friends walked into the restaurant and delivered me a birthday cake PENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

west day and birthday 2010 0011

Isn’t it amazing!!?!?!?!?!?!?

west day and birthday 2010 0013

I needed a little message from Nick!!!!!!! 

And I am so thankful that I got one!!!!!

west day and birthday 2010 0012

I wanted to share pictures of the cake, and I also wanted to be sure that everyone knew that this is National Smile Week!!

smile week

When I arrived at work this morning, our principal was giving everyone a smiley-face sticker to wear on “Go West!” day.  This is me and my  “school next door neighbor,” science teacher Mrs. Knipp wearing our “western wear” and our smiley faces!  She is a blessing in my life already!!

go west day 

I’m ending today’s post with one of my most favorite verses.  I hope the words in this verse help keep you smiling this week no matter what your days may hold.

Phil. 4:4


AGAIN I SAY, REJOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember hearing a sermon about how Paul wrote this Scripture from a prison cell, and I remember thinking that if he could rejoice during such a difficult time in his life that surely I could rejoice in mine.  I never realized how painful life would get at so many different times throughout my journey into adulthood, but I am thankful for the sermon I heard when I was only 10. 

Rejoicing tonight because of the Hope I have in Him,