No matter what kind of day faces me, I love when my first thought of the morning is of Him.

There’s nothing like rolling over on my pillow and hearing myself think,

“I need you, God, to make it through this day.”

It seems like the mornings I get up determined to get “this” and “that” done and take care of “this” and “that” thing


asking God for help are the very days I find myself feeling overwhelmed and incredibly stressed.

Not that God takes every problem away and removes every difficult person or situation, but there’s something about

knowing that I  have let Him know that I can’t handle all my stuff alone that seems

to spread some kind of peace over an otherwise extremely difficult day or moment.

I’m a fairly weak person on my own.

Actually, I’m incredibly frail.

I wear my feelings on my sleeve.

I get hurt easily.

I hurt deeply and often do not know what to do with pain.

I wish I had a tough shell like some of my friends,

but for whatever reason God created me with emotions that run out of me like a river that has overflowed its bank.

I’m thankful for a God who works as my spillway.

I love this definition of a spillway………

A spillway is a structure built in conjunction with man-made dams.

Its purpose is to provide a controlled escape for water when flooding occurs and water risks overtopping or overflowing the dam.

New & Used Heavy Equipment



Without God, I would overflow emotionally much more often than I do…….

I’m still learning, and I have such a long way to go.

But this I know without a doubt.


I am nothing without His help.

I need Him every morning to get me through every day.


So, on a good morning, this is the first verse that comes into my mind and heart,

I rise before dawn and cry for help;
I have put my hope in your word.

Psalm 119:147

If you don’t have a favorite verse to start your day,

I challenge you to memorize this one.

If you have another one,

I’d love to hear what yours is!

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