Olivia is going to give softball a whirl this spring/summer! She’s never played before, so she’s kind-of nervous.

This afternoon was the Opening Day Little League Parade!!!

Her first game is tomorrow at 5! I hope she remembers that she has to stay on base or she’ll be “out” (she didn’t know that during the scrimmage)…and that she doesn’t have to swing at every pitch (she did a little golfing at the scrimmage!)

And Erich, our oldest son, made a huge decision to drive to Nashville, TN, last weekend just to ask his “best friend” of the past three years if she would date him!!! WOW!! We were so happy and shocked!! Mallory is a junior at David Lipscombe College. She has a heart for missions just like Erich!

Tonight was Kentucky Christian University’s Junior/Senior Banquet, so Mallory drove to Grayson today!!!

I just had to get a camera before these big events!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When the lady at WalMart asked if I wanted to buy the 2-year warranty, I laughed. I don’t think it covers being dropped or having coffee spilled on it……so I decided to “pass” on that deal.