Just as the second torrential downpour ended in the late afternoon of our all-day Christian music festival, I noticed my friend Cindy and several others looking up at the sky.  I went to them and was just amazed to learn that during the entire storm this one penetrating area of light had stayed bright and shiny.  Cindy said she had been watching it for half an hour and it had never gone away.  We had to pose pointing at it!! It was so special for me to think that maybe Nick had been allowed to continue to “peek” through the clouds and enjoy Nickapalooza even through the storm!

2009-07-120421 holiday world trip resized 

2009-07-120416 holiday world trip resized2009-07-120539 holiday world trip resized I couldn’t stop looking at the sky and smiling!  It just made my heart sing to think that in some way God was sending yet another promise of His love and faithfulness even in the storms of life!!! Thank you, Jennifer and Aaron, for sharing the moment too!nickapalooza 416


2009-07-120537 holiday world trip resized I wanted to stand there forever and gaze at the beauty!

I felt so close to God almost as if I could hear the angels singing,
“Glory, glory, to the Lord Almighty!”

2009-07-120540 holiday world trip resized


2009-07-120536 holiday world trip resized

It finally got the best of me and I had to have a little cry.  Thank you, Cindy, for crying with me.  She even said, “I miss Nick too.” There’s something powerful in those words. Kaleb, I know you were missing Nick too..right along with me and Cindy and Aaron and Jennifer and everyone else who was standing nearby at that special moment.

Knowing that I don’t grieve alone means so much to me.2009-07-120400 holiday world trip resizedLater I had to snap a photo of the brochure for Nick’s foundation…my sweet Nick smiling through the rain..He always did keep that smile and it brings me peace to know that he always will! 

He loved thunderstorms so much…I think I know why!!!  God often spoke through thunder! I can’t help but think that Nick knew that more deeply than we could ever imagine!    

2009-07-120534 holiday world trip resized

2009-07-120229 holiday world trip resized

As the clouds started separating, I sure felt like I could see a heart below the circle of sunshine!!  Thank you, Lord, for once again speaking through your clouds!

You must know how much I need Your daily encouragement in order to keep pressing on. 

A mom who continues to grieve but not without Hope,