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Oops!  I said I wouldn’t be back online until next Tuesday, but here I am taking a quick break from packing to send one more little note to all of you before Tim and I head out to a very unfamiliar experience…..to meet 11 couples we have never met before who all share one thing in common with us..they each have at least one child in Heaven waiting for them.  I’m looking forward to hugging each of them and spending some time walking and talking with some other grieving moms.  I know it will be so good for Tim to have some guy-time like this, too. 

But as I was going through my little “to do” list this morning, I was downloading pictures and came across this one of Olivia that Tim took the other night while I was braiding her hair, and it made me smile.

I just had to share this smile with you as a little “Happy Labor Day!” from our family to yours!

I hope it makes you smile too.

I changed my facebook picture to this one and shared the verse,

Rejoice in the Lord always.  Again, I say “REJOICE!”  Phil 4:4

It always amazes me to remember that Paul wrote this from a cold, hard, uncomfortable prison cell way back in Bible times not sure if he would ever be released or if at any moment his life might end.  In spite of his circumstances, he wrote “REJOICE in the LORD!”

So, as you venture into this first weekend in September, 2009, I hope that no matter what this temporary earth has handed you…you can still rest in His arms and REJOICE in HIM….

Thankful for each of you!