Last night Olivia had a basketball game in Ashland. I had this big idea that Mom and Nick could meet me, Tim, Todd, and Olivia after the game to eat at a restaurant in Ashland that is fairly new (at least we’ve never been there).

I was so excited when Nick agreed to take a bath and try this little outing. However, soon after sitting down in the restaurant booth, it was apparent that Nick’s back was hurting too much to enjoy the meal. So mom took Nick to the car and we decided to order theirs to go. Olivia and Todd became very quiet. I didn’t want the night ruined for them, because they were so excited about going out to eat. They had been singing along with Christmas music the whole way from Olivia’s game. Now we sat in silence.

Tim arrived a few minutes later after running to the library to check out a few books for Nick. Stress filled our table as we were all struggling with the reality of Nick’s condition. When the waitress came to take our order, I tried to say that I needed to order two of the dinners to go because my son was sick, but I was overcome with tears and couldn’t finish my sentences. I felt like I was in a bad dream. I got up and walked out of the restaurant with tears running down my face, and I remember thinking that people probably thought I had had a fight with my husband or something. When I regrouped and got back to the table, Olivia’s head was down and she was crying so hard. We tried to regroup, but there was so much tension at our table. I ended up asking the waitress to have Tim’s order placed in a “to go” bag too, so he could go on home with Nick and mom. Then Olivia cried again.

Thankfully, God led two couples from our town to eat at the same restaurant, and they walked over to say, “Hi.” Little did they know that they were walking up on an emotional mess. One of the women sat down by Olivia and started rubbing her back (Olivia’s head was down on the table in her arms) and I leaned over on the other woman and just lost it right there in the booth. I couldn’t hold it in any longer.

Later, I found out that my son Todd who had been sitting there the entire time texting away on his cell phone had actually been sending out pleas to his friends that said, “Please pray for my little brother Nick. Please forward this to ten people.” One of my friends in Grayson received the text through her daughter and forwarded it to me. It was precious. On the way home, Todd shared what he had done and said he was getting texts from people who didn’t even know his number.

I guess I say all of this to remind myself that while I sometimes get frustrated at the amount of texting Todd seems to do every minute of the day, I am thankful that he is able to use his area of interest to draw people into prayer when needed.

And I believe that there are hundreds of other teens out there who are just like Todd.

Using what they have to do what they can in a world where we are all struggling to survive!

Thankful for Todd’s Cell Phone and His Heart,

(by the way this is the same child who caused my outburst of anger in the van that I wrote about a month or so ago)