Jeremiah 32:17
“Ah, Sovereign LORD, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.”
I woke up yesterday feeling so very blue. I hadn’t really cried since Monday night.
I guess the pool of tears had just built up to overflowing.

Everytime I opened my mouth to talk, I would choke up and cry.

Thankfully, the Lord knew I was going to be having one of those days and sent friend after friend and text after text to keep me busy and remind me that I was not alone!

Last night Olivia had 8 little friends over (all of the girls who had stood beside her throughout Nick’s visitation and service as well as some more) to make gingerbread houses. I have to admit that deep inside I was thinking, “I am NOT up for this!”

But as it would turn out (of course), it was medicine to my soul. We turned on Christmas music and the girls sang and giggled the evening away. I asked them to name their houses at the end, because I wanted to photograph each of them with their new creations. These little girls are such sweeties………little did I know they had devised such a special surprise for me!

I saw them whispering and then passing around some paper plates.

The next thing I knew they had lined my kitchen counters with gingerbread houses, creating a village they named, “Thumbs Up!” Then they wrote, “We “heart” Nick” and signed another paper plate and hung it over my stove! And still another that said, “In Memory of NYN!”

I was overjoyed. It was a perfect night! Oh, I love these girls so much! And I know they truly love Nick. He loved all of them so much and got the biggest kick out of each them when they would come over to stay all night!

Evan got home from college last night for Christmas break and Erich got home today, so I have been knee-deep in laundry! The washer and dryer haven’t stopped all day!

Olivia and I made a run to WalMart today……

Our first trip since losing Nick.

Shew! I didn’t realize how shopping had become so centered around his needs.

Everywhere I turned I thought of him and what he would like and want and wouldn’t like and wouldn’t want.

Thankfully, we made it through the shopping experience without tears. (Olivia holds me to a pretty high standard in public places!)

Tonight we are headed to a friend’s house to help make baskets for shut-ins from church. When we get home, the older boys are going to watch Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation with us. It is one of Tim’s favorites, and I am praying we can have a good family time.

Nothing is easy. And yet God never fails to be right here……… lean on for comfort and hope.

Oh, thank you, Lord.

Thank you for sharing in our grief and helping us smile……………

Even through gingerbread houses!

Nothing is too hard for you.