Olivia loves church camp!
She counts down the days to retreats and summer events.
When we pulled into Howells Mill Christian Assembly Friday evening,
 I heard these words from the back seat, 
“It feels so good to be back.”
Hugs and screams followed as she reunited with camp friends from different churches,
 then Tim and I said our goodbyes and left her to “go all in” with her weekend experience.
Late Saturday night, I received this picture.
Olivia’s passion for having fun and playing any sport available had left her sitting on the sidelines watching her friends play games for a big part of Saturday evening.
This photograph was her memory from an intense game of ultimate Frisbee.
Today we are headed to the doctor’s office.
As I was thinking about Olivia’s injury this morning, I realized that if she were given a chance to go back and make different decisions about where to spend her weekend, I really don’t think she would change a thing (except getting hurt).
She loves camp.
She loves sports.
She loves having fun with friends.
And she loves “going all in” with life in general.
When you choose to give your everything in life, 
you take the risk of being hurt, injured, or even broken.
Life is risky; and the harder you play, the riskier it gets.
But sitting on the sidelines because you gave it your all is so much more rewarding than staying on the sidelines afraid to try.
So, today, go all in.
Risk everything.
Take a chance at an occasional seat on the sidelines.
 But let the reason you end up having to “sit it out” from time to time be because you tried your hardest, you played hard, and you gave your best.
I’ll let you know what the doctor says today.
I do know this:
Olivia will be going back to camp this summer; and if they play ultimate Frisbee,
she’ll be right in the middle of it………………….again.
I came that they may have and enjoy life, 
and have it in abundance (to the full, till it