At 5:30 this evening we’ll be heading to Cabell Huntington Hospital to deliver baskets to all of the children on the pediatric floor.

It’s almost surreal to me that last year at this time we were in last few days of Nick’s earthly life.

I still believed last year at this time that God could heal Nick. Even with all of his physical struggles, I never stopped believing that God could perform a miracle.

When God chose to take Nick from us, I’m going to be honest. I did not understand.

Many times even now I do not understand.

I know that if Nick were here, we would still deliver baskets tonight. He would be right there with us……….grinning ear to ear and being so sympathetic to every child who is dealing with IVs and shots and tests and all sorts of different medical treatments.

I have to believe that Nick will still be with us tonight.

It’s the only way I can enter the hospital and wear a smile.

I’m looking forward to sharing the hope and love of Jesus with families in the hospital, but I’m also kind-of dreading it.

My mind and heart swirl with so many different emotions.

If you think of us tonight, please whisper a little prayer.

But more than for us, please keep praying for the family of Snowy Hall, who died yesterday.