Folded gloves……

 olivias party 0205_resize

“Twisted” ankles and white aprons…….

olivias party 0204_resizeAll kinds of faces……..Copy of olivias party 0113_resize Copy of olivias party 0115_resize Copy of olivias party 0112_resizeCopy of olivias party 0117_resizeCopy of olivias party 0103_resize olivias party 0149_resize

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Birthday cake with mysterious foreshadowing……… olivias party 0088_resize  Serious script reading……. olivias party 0071_resize   olivias party 0160_resizeolivias party 0164_resize  Lots of finger pointing and accusations……..olivias party 0138_resizeolivias party 0179_resize olivias party 0184_resize olivias party 0185_resize   olivias party 0190_resize olivias party 0191_resize An organized director…….olivias party 0168_resize And after an evening of suspense, I am so glad I didn’t know that the character who was guilty was none other than…..

Miss Elizabeth Montgomery! olivias party 0145_resize Tim said I would have rewritten the script had I known…I would never want anyone to think this was a preplanned script, because Tim didn’t even look at the results until 30 minutes before the dinner began!

Elizabeth poisoned Lord Edward because she had overheard him making fun of her outfit at the last ball……Oh my, what a motive!

Lord Edward’s secret love?

Miss Charmaine Chamberlain!!!olivias party 0127_resize

Thank you to a wonderful cast who made Olivia’s birthday party so much fun!

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