At She Speaks this weekend, I was struck by a quote of Elizabeth Elliott’s that was shared in one of the workshops.

Being called by God is all about “doing the next thing” for Him.

As I sat and listened and thought about my life, I knew that “the next thing” for me was cleaning out my closet and getting ready for the upcoming school year!

I haven’t tackled my closet yet, but today I spent about 8 hours in my new classroom with 8 amazing high school students who came to help clean, paint, and rearrange furniture with me.

With Christian music playing, we dug in and transformed the room!

I loved walking by different kids as they were singing along with Casting Crowns or whoever was next on the playlist.  Most of the kids that helped me were friends of Nick’s, so I felt surrounded by him all day long. The only coin that was found all day while purging bookshelves and cabinets was ONE PENNY on the very top of the tallest bookshelf under a stack of papers!!  Jon found it!! 🙂 It made us all smile!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

I thought I’d share a little of our day.

I’ll dive back into Philippians later tonight.

        We decided to take a few pictures of practice “students” and in walked my principal! 🙂  It was so funny, because all of the kids were pretending to be texting in class!    

We had to take a thumbs up picture too!!