My brother came to celebrate Christmas with us recently and while he was here we played a game of Cranium.

As we were laughing and playing, I couldn’t help but think of Nick and how much he loved board games. I missed his presence with us so very much.

And then it happened!!

I moved one of my cards and right there on the table was…………….

a penny!!!

I found out that Olivia had been playing with two pennies that were sitting on the kitchen counter, and I guess one had somehow ended up on the table.

But to me that penny was my little reminder that Nick was with us in spirit!

See, mom and I started finding pennies in the most unusual places at the most unusual times just a month or so before Nick went to be with the Lord.

And since Nick has left us, the penny experiences have just continued and continued!!

Pennies from Heaven!!!

It’s really amazing. If I am feeling down and I start hoping for a penny or looking for one, I never find one (neither does my mom). However, if I am feeling down but am trying to press on with life and give my sadness to God, the next thing I know…………..

I find a penny!!

It’s almost as if God is saying, “I’m here. Press on!” and Nick is saying, “You can do it, mom. You can do it, Mamaw! I’m cheering you on!”

Well, today is a busy day. Olivia’s birthday party is tonight at our church.

I just had to write and say, “Look for pennies and share your stories with me!”

I love you all so much!

God bless your days!