No matter what you’re facing,

I promise there’s a bright side if you determine to find it.

Whether you’re facing a hospital room, a stressful  job, or even a too-quiet house,

you can find a bright side today.


It may take some creativity.

But, it’s there.

Light is in that darkness.

Think about this:


A candle that shines in a dark room may think “There is no light here,” as it looks around in every direction;

but to the rest of the darkness the candle is the light.


So, today, no matter how dark the day seems,

no matter how dreary,

remember this:


There is a bright side to every dark place when we take Jesus there.

Because when we take Jesus, we become the bright side.


Take Him with you today……..

and shine.


Suddenly, the darkness of a room will be filled with His light,

and the glow of His love will create the bright side to an otherwise not-so-bright day.


Let your light shine before others,

that they may see your good deeds

and glorify your Father in heaven.

Matt. 5:16

For God, who said, “Let light shine

out of darkness,”

made his light shine in our hearts to

give us the light of the knowledge of

God’s glory displayed in the face of


II Cor. 4:6