Saturday evening, Tim and I rode to Garrison, Ohio, with another couple from KCU to attend the visitation of a16 year-old boy named Drew who was electrocuted during a welding accident this past week.  His grandparents work with my husband, and we wanted to be there to express our love to them in this time of deep sadness.

When we arrived, the visitation line was well outside the door and groups of people stood around the parking lot in small huddles crying and visiting before leaving the funeral home.  As we walked through the funeral home in a winding fashion, we were able to see the story of Drew’s life unfold through photographs and other things that showed Drew’s personality and passions.  He was a farm boy who loved to ride his horse.  His smile was beautiful and you could tell from the pictures that this family shared many wonderful memories.

Drew’s grandpa told us that they had spent the past two days clearing out a section of their 500-acre farm where Drew had always said he was going to build his house when he grew up.  That part of the farm will now be a family cemetery. 

Drew’s grandpa said with a tear-filled smile, “It is so beautiful, and it helped us all to have something to do together the past couple of days.”

Please whisper a prayer for Drew’s family every time you think of them.  His mom is really struggling, and my heart breaks for her tonight.  I remember that early chest-crushing grief so vividly, and I know that only time will lessen that feeling of being unable to breathe deeply.

Tonight, I am wondering how Drew’s mom, dad, sister, and other family members are doing. When I hugged his grandma, she asked through tears, “When will it be over?”  I didn’t have an answer.

I knew deep inside it never really is, but I also knew it does get easier……..

Hearing those words (“It will get easier”) seems meaningless when you are in deep agony, though, so I chose to just hug her and tell her I love her.  She said, “I’m going to need to talk to you later.” and I replied, “I’ll be here.”

The truth is, I have no words to fix their pain.

Only His Words can do that……..and time.

Lifting up a hurting family to the One who promises to be close to the broken hearted,